Jennifer Pastiloff

Jennifer created Manifestation Yoga which is about having breakthroughs in your life without being too serious. Her rule of “If you fall you must laugh” is strictly enforced! She teaches this inspirational style of yoga all over Los Angeles and also in Philly & NJ at Dhyana Yoga as well as PURE Yoga and Yoga Vida in NYC. She travels and leads workshops and retreats worldwide: including Yoga Retreats to Ojai, Ca at a 54 acre beautiful rustic Eco-Sanctuary, Mexico, Hawaii, Bali & Tuscany.

She originally comes from Philadelphia & NJ by way of NYU before landing in L.A. Starting with Iyengar yoga, she discovered that yoga helped her in healing many aspects of her life: from depression to injuries from being a runner. She has studied with Annie Carpenter extensively. In her classes, she combines her love of words and poetry, music and the healing arts. Classes are challenging, yet completely personal. The MOST important part of Jen's class is having a sense of humor.

When Jen's nephew Blaise was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) & PDD/NOS (Autism), it prompted her to start GAMEYoga. ~Free Yoga for Kids with Special Needs~ as well as becoming adevoted advocate for finding a

Jen is in the process of writing her first book and is currently a Wellness Expert for MindBody Green, has a weekly column on Positively Positive and writes her popular daily blog The Manifest-Station. Jennifer is partially deaf and wears hearing aids. After spending 13 years working in the same restaurant she believes that everyone should have a job in the service industry at least once in their life. ("It’s good for the soul").

Jennifer Pastiloff, as featured on Good Morning America, a Vinyasa flow teacher is a lover of life, laughter, poetry, yoga, Modern Family (and a really good glass of wine.)

To learn more about Jennifer Pastiloff's work and manifestation retreats visit:

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Simple Reminders by Jennifer Pastiloff

Amazing Quotes by Jennifer Pastiloff

What are you Manifesting? by @JenPastiloff (76)

Pay attention to the messengers. Pay attention to the messages. by @JenPastiloff (38)

Ask. Trust. Let it be. by @JenPastiloff (79)

Turn your pain into art. by @JenPastiloff (77)

Don't let them steal your happy. by @JenPastiloff (69)

Our birthright is happiness, not stress. by @JenPastiloff (61)

I deserve love. I deserve health. I deserve to be happy. by @JenPastiloff (45)

Manifest the life you want but haven't allowed yourself to imagine yet. Imagine it now! by @JenPastiloff (14)

The will to grow must outweigh the need to feel safe. by @JenPastiloff (48)

Be Authentic! Be Vulnerable! by @JenPastiloff (73)

The people you need to meet always show up when you need them. by @JenPastiloff (39)

Bridge the distances between "Us and Them" with kindness. by @JenPastiloff (44)

Your capacity to love is so great that it will carry you through most things in this world. by @JenPastiloff (10)

At the end of your life, When you say one last "What have I done?" let the answer be "I have done love." by @JenPastiloff (18)

Take a picture of your face & remember that in 10 years time you'll be amazed at how gorgeous you WERE. Be amazed NOW. by @JenPastiloff (4)

Let your joy be contagious. Let it spread through the world so that if you forget it, you can catch it from someone else. by @JenPastiloff (1)

Don't ever say this about your own beauty: "I regret it's taken me so long to see it." by @JenPastiloff (15)

Place everything you've ever learned or yet to discover in a box labeled THANK YOU. by @JenPastiloff (18)

Forgiveness isn't always easy and anyone who tells you different is either lying or just trying to sell some books. by @JenPastiloff (7)

Our lives need beauty relentless, unremitting beauty. by @JenPastiloff (48)

This is the challenge: Every hour, stop what you are doing and write down the five most beautiful things to you right in that moment. by @JenPastiloff (-10)

All relationships are complicated, beautiful messes. by @JenPastiloff (49)

What if we walked around looking for beauty instead of looking for things to be stressed about? What if we became beauty seekers? by @JenPastiloff (-6)

I wonder how many moments of our lives are missed because we buck it up or stuff it down or make it go away or pretend it isn't so? by @JenPastiloff (-8)

The light is there inside of you, and it is your birthright to send it out. You absolutely cannot hoard it. by @JenPastiloff (15)

Remember how good love feels. by @JenPastiloff (72)

Why are you not yelling from mountaintops who you are? by @JenPastiloff (47)

Let your body believe fully in its own powers. Let every person you've stored inside your muscles out to breathe now and again. by @JenPastiloff (-4)

Heartbreak is patient. It doesn't care where you have to go or who you have to be. It doesn't care. It is patient. by @JenPastiloff (8)

We all need an audience. I don't care if it's one person or one million. We need someone to acknowledge us. by @JenPastiloff (15)

If you let it exist as if it belongs to you. As if you deserve it. You do deserve it. by @JenPastiloff (16)

Sing out loud even if badly. Write poems if even if only in your head. by @JenPastiloff (31)

Underneath the shame and sadness and grief is love. by @JenPastiloff (50)